Over time every type of rubberized surface will need to be replaced whether it is due to weathering or normal wear and tear. The time varies depending on the type of surface. Once the new surface is in place you will need the lines and event markings placed on.

This is where Athletic Marking Company comes into play. We are specialists. We stripe and put markings on running tracks exclusively.

Here’s what the leading sports facility construction organization, American Sports Builders Association has to say in its manual regarding track striping:

The markings on any track are the single most important feature when the track is used for competition. They represent distances that are very important, both to competitors and to the governing bodies who certify records. Many marking errors have been made because of misinterpretation of rules or drawings, or because of poor workmanship. No governing body permits any minus tolerance, no matter how small. An error of any kind may result in costly corrective work, in unfair competition or unverifiable records. In many cases, inaccurate markings prevent athletes from winning the recognition they have earned and inconsequential error in track marking can have a huge consequence.” They go on to say, “In planning and constructing a track to be used for competition, it is absolutely essential to employ the services of a knowledgeable specialist for track markings. The selection of the specialist should be based upon credentials, past performance and proof of ability.

New Surfaces

Experienced in all surface types:

Asphalt     Polyurethane     Latex     Sealcoating     etc.


Repainting your existing track will add longevity to the use of your facility without the cost of a major renovation. This may be the most economical improvement to return your surface to a like new condition. Depending on the type of surface, a track will need a restripe every three to five years.


We can customize your track with logos and lane numbers using your school colors.


Certification of your facility guarantees the accuracy and fairness to all of those who compete on it. It also ensures that all rules, regulations, and construction guidelines have been met.

We can certify every new track we stripe providing that the facility is constructed correctly.

There are different levels of certification that can range from a simple letter from your track striper staking his company’s reputation on the quality of his work, to computer generated blueprints complete with all lines and markings, reviewed and stamped with approval from a licensed land surveyor or professional engineer or architect. In some cases, it may be required to have an engineer or surveyor physically do the actual measuring and layout work on the track before the striping contractor paints the lines and markings. The cost of certification can cost little or no extra, or may exceed the cost of the actual striping itself.

Check the credentials, references, and experience of everyone you involve in your track striping project!

As-built Drawings

Drawings of any completed track can be produced with all lines and markings in their respective colors.

Computer Generated Calculation

Calculations are printed for each project on-site using a state of the art program.


If you are considering re-paving or re-surfacing your existing track and are unsure whether the size and dimensions are correct, we can help.  You can avoid costly reconstruction and repair costs by discovering dimensional errors and structural deficiencies prior to investing in a rubber surface.

If you are planning a new track facility, we can survey your site and offer options on lane size and number of lanes that will fit your site best.  We can also recommend proper placement for field event areas and spectator viewing and advise improvements for the safety of competitors.  We also take into consideration other sports that may use the facility and can make recommendations to accommodate them as well.  We can also review architectural drawings for errors to insure contractors are given correct information.

While local surveyors, grading, paving, and fencing contractors may be very experienced, they may need guidance in the proper dimensional layout, slope tolerances, and drainage requirements of track & field facilities.  For a fixed price per site visit or a small percentage of the total project, you can take advantage of our years of experience in the construction, surfacing, and striping of running tracks.

John Wettstein has been in the track business since 1990 and has been a Certified Track Builder since 1997.

Track striping is our specialty

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